“Make your lives extraordinary.”

by Cassie

You still exist.

I have been sitting here for five minutes, trying to type through tears, trying to think of something to say that will convey how much my heart hurts to think of how much pain Robin Williams must have been in — someone so universally beloved, someone who had “everything” — to end his own life. And there’s just nothing. Nothing I can say to make it make sense, because depression doesn’t make sense. Hurting so much that death is the only relief doesn’t make sense.

Make someone laugh today. Touch their arm. Look into their eyes, and smile, the smile of connected human beings, not the distracted smile of two strangers passing each other by. Tell someone you love them. Tell them the world is better because they are breathing in it each day. Hug a friend. Hold a hand. Treat each other with unguarded kindness. Be a lifeline. Reach out to someone grieving, share someone else’s joy. Live. Live. Live.

Just keep living.