Our Word :: Week 2 Day 1 :: Truth {Light}

by Cassie

The word light appears in the Bible
two hundred and seventy-two times
A lamp beside feet lost in shadows,
a day star dawning across the horizon
of a heart half-hidden in shade.
Children of the morning hours, placed
lovingly in the arms of the afternoon sun,
bearing witness to an abandoned road
and the blinding of a broken apostle.
Come into the world the less loved twin,
the darkness drawing down the eyes
and the daggers of men; still, it bent
over and brought back the withdrawn moon,
brushed mourning under a burning bush.
A lifted veil across the valley of death,
a glow surrounding the cities set on hilltops.
Flung across the firmament of heaven,
a pillar of cloud lighting up the night,
seven lamps and the spice of sweet incense.
Sent forth in front of a holy mountain,
armor against the emptiness of its absence.
Two hundred and seventy-two times it’s there,
but I only need to see the way it spreads out
across our unoccupied bed in the morning —
the way the wrinkled pillowcase cradles the
curved indentations where you lay your head,
waves receding back to the solitary shoreline
of a memory of skin tender and well-tended —
to know the holiness it holds in a single spark.