Weekly Round-Up : 2

by Cassie

1. BEST NEWS: my dear friend Emily, who has been in my life since I was pregnant with Davey, but whom I’ve never had the chance to meet face to face, is coming to see me in a little less than a month. She ALSO bought tickets for us to see Wicked at the Orpheum. This will be my first theater show (I know, I know) and I’m already apologizing to those around us in advance because I am going to be a singing, weeping, joyful bag of emotional overload. It’s the 10th anniversary of Wicked, and the 10th year of our friendship, so this all feels deliciously fateful.

2. The moon, oh, the moon. I don’t know what it is, but this month’s full wolf moon has mesmerized me, pulling me out to look at it night after night. I feel so close to it, in collusion, almost, like we have a secret and it’s lighting up the sky around us. It has stirred something deep within me, and I want to give birth to a hundred different ideas, to create until I can’t breathe under the weight of all the newness I’m sending out into the world. At the height of its fullness, I gave serious contemplation to lying down on the ground, and howling up to it in a whisper.

3. Yesterday was a day of highest highs and painfully low lows. But on the heels of my tears came realizations, admissions, apologies, redemption, and resolutions. There’s a new path laid out in front of me, I just have to have the courage and perseverance to see it through to the very end. I’ve always been a wanderer, it’s hard for me to stay on track. But this time, it feels different. Maybe it’s the moon.

4. Rough day with Davey on Thursday, when report cards came home and he still had a C in math. I know he’s tried his hardest, and the C’s have never been an issue for us; his pressure is internal, and nothing I said made a difference. There was endless crying, hitting his head off the seat behind him, describing how the rewards other students received for the honor roll felt like a punishment to him. He spent most of the evening angry and sullen and on the verge of tears. I let him vent within reason, was as logical and understanding as I could be, and made him a chocolate cake…..but I also gave him melatonin at 8 o’clock because JESUS CHRIST.

5. Mirren is into stripping this week. She tells me “hot!”, then attempts pulling her shirt over her head, which results in angry octopus toddler more often than not. She also thinks her belly button is called “hewe you go” and her love affair with dogs and babies continues unabated. Ask her “what do pigs say?” and her answer sounds like she has tuberculosis.