Hashtag Things You Find Open On The Computer After Your Eight Year Old Has Been On It

by Cassie

SUPERGUY ASSAINS VIDEO GAME SCRIPT- [game starts out with a cut-scene at a house] [everones sleeping] [two gunshots] [George wakes up] [poilce siren]superguy:ever since that day I was mad not the crazy kind of mad [tkkkkk] poilce:hands up viglante [superguy runs ] [gunshots] poilceman:he got away superguy:every day and night I think of of that moment young george:[cries] poilceman:how about I adopt you young george:why did he do it poilceman:there are people in this world who do very bad things [criminal stabs policeman ]young George :NOOO! [bank alarm goes off]crinmal 1: heh heh heh boss we rule this city alex marine:someone please help mee [sobing] crinmal 2:SHUT IT superguy:i need to find a way to get into the bank without being seen computer tell me how to get in the bank computer:uploding throw vent at two of them [vent get throw at two of them] christan marine:i’ll kill this girl if you come closer superguy:[flies away ] christan marine:ow phew [kkkkkkssss] christan marine:mmmmmmmm superguy:whats your name alex marine:alex alex marine superuy:go back to your home alex marine:yeah about that that guy you just took out was my dad and my real parents are dead greenman:we do ceartinely do know that cristan marine gets no money EVERYONE SEPARTATE GO TO A PLACE AND KILL THE SUPERGUY