2014 Family Resolutions

by Cassie

(Well, mine are intentions, but Colin refuses to call them that, because I think he thinks I’m being pretentious, so I’ll play along because he’s pretty cute and fairly handy.)

I already outlined mine in the previous post, but here they are again, so we can have them all in one place:

1. Read all my unread books.
2. Watch all our unread movies.
3. Write every day & fill a notebook every month.
4. Write my life story.
5. Run 10 miles a week.
7. More tattoos.
8. Stop making weight an issue. Eat good food.
9. Travel!
10. Print my pictures.



1. Lose 30 lbs.
2. Exercise 5 days out of 7.
3. Learn to play guitar properly.
4. Gain another work-related qualification.
5. More tattoos.
6. Read all unread books.


Davey, verbatim:

1. “I’m gonna try to be quiet. I will try more. Okay?”
2. “I, um, will study math when I don’t have to at school.”
3. “And three, I will do Dad’s yoga.”
4. “Read all the books I have.”
5. “Five’s a tricky one. Hey look, Mom, they’re emenies, the robots. I have a resolution, which is like a dare, to build a tower, a giant tower, that will reach to the top of the ceiling. I’m going to use stuff we don’t use, like reusable stuff. And cushions. And that’s my resolution. Wait. Did you type in all my resolutions? You did? You quite are the quotes person.”